3 Rubs for € 10 (NL free shipping special)

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Turn 3 meals into feasts for only €10 (free shipping)

Just open the bag, add to chick, fish, beef, or antipasti to turn lunch into gourmet!


  • Yellow Rub: Cumin, Turmeric, Za’atar, Granulated Garlic, Sea Salt, Fried Onion, Sliced Almonds, Light Raisins.
  • Red Rub: Sweet Paprika, Oregano, Garlic, Cumin, Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Sliced Almonds, Light Raisins.
  • Purple Rub: Oregano, Sweet Paprika, Cloves, Sumak, Sea Salt, Cumin, Granulated Garlic, Dark Raisins.


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